Live Near Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Are you (or do you fancy yourself) a horticulturist? Or do you just have an appreciation for all things botanical? If so, and you’re in the market for a new place to call home, Garden Grove Apartments may be the perfect place for you. Here, we offer spacious apartments near Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, so on top of finding a stylish new place to live, you’ll be within easy reach of the luscious oasis that any garden enthusiast would love.

It’s easy to get lost strolling the nearly 15-acre property, which dedicates itself to the study of plant preservation and conservation. Committed to showcasing just the rarest and most beautiful of plants, the garden is an epiphyte lover’s dream come true. This classification of plants includes orchids and bromeliads that are real showstoppers in their natural splendor.

If you really want to get to know the ins and outs at the Gardens, be sure to book one of the guided tours, at least for your first visit. During this experience, you'll spend about 90 minutes strolling the property and learning all about the unique fauna that makes this place so special.     

Highlights at the Gardens include:

  1. A tropical conservatory — and the only greenhouse here that’s open to the public — that replicates a rainforest atmosphere.
  2. A bamboo garden that includes both tropical and sub-tropical species.
  3. Banyan groves that were first planted on the property more than 100 years ago.
  4. A koi pond, surrounded by towering oaks that provide an added layer of relaxation (and whimsy) to the garden.

There’s so much packed into this place, and so much for you (and children) to learn about, it’ll easily keep you coming back time and time again. And when you’re living in one of our apartments near Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, getting there is as easy as ever.